Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trix Presents Saturday Morning Cartoons

We hear sneaky music as 2 mysterious ears travel along behind the couch.
A familiar face comes up.
It's the Trix Rabbit and he hops over the couch and sits down.
He pours delicious nuggets of Trix into a bowl.
He reaches off stage for milk.
He thinks he is getting away with something and chuckles.
He picks up the TV remote.

He turns on the TV.

A General Mills sponsored cartoon starts up.
He gets ready to enjoy his 2 favorite pleasures...

He contemplates the delicious flavors he is about to indulge in.

T.R. pours Trix nuggets towards his hungry mouth.
He is startled by the voice of a kid. "Silly rabbit...
...Cartoons are for kids!"
Girl: "And so are Trix!"

He Hog the Atomic Pig starts up on TV.
Kids: YAAAY! IT'S HE HOG! Thank you General Mills!

We zoom in on the TV until the cartoon fills the screen.


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  2. Someone PLEASE make this happen!

    If only the people responsible for the classic cereal mascots loved them as you do John! This is great.

  3. Wow... this would be so GGRREEEAAATTTTTT!!!!!

    I support Chris S. "Someone PLEASE make this happen!"

  4. John, this is fantastic! I grew up in the 60s, and Saturday mornings were built around spending a few hours munching sugar-blasted cereals (carefully selected largely based on which brand was offering the coolest free prize inside) and watching cartoons. Kids need FUN, and cartoons + cereal is fun.

  5. I miss this era. A time when the sponsor's message was more directly involved with the show they appeared on. It gave the whole thing a more fun feel. The whole Huckleberry gang zipping around in a car driven by the Kelloggs rooster. Fred and Barney firing up Winstons and holding up Welches glass containers before glass was even invented.

    Of course, the shows were subject to the sponsor's notes then too, but that's much different than all the network notes they still get.

    You have the Trix box colored like Frosty O's, though.

  6. Oops. I meant -NOT much different than network notes in the previous comment.

  7. Dude, how cool would it be if you made your own Flinstones series and had it sponsored by Cocoa Pebbles? Fred and Barney are already the mascots.

  8. This would bring out the kid in me.

  9. John, I'm sorry if it's poor form to ask this here, but I'm wondering if there are any of these pages, or any pages that you worked on but perhaps didn't use in the final product that you'd consider selling? I've always wanted a drawing from you, and I collect cereal related art, so it would be a perfect fit for me. Either way, I can't tell you how much I enjoy your blogs and how much time I've spent on them and researching info you've presented therein. I'm always entertained and learn something new when I visit. Thanks!

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